When the Towel Drops, Vol 1, 2015

Granoff Center for the Creative Arts, Providence, Rhode Island.

When The Towel Drops is an ongoing, research-based, art project by Radha May of which I am a founding member. The project investigates the censored representation of women, femininity, and sexuality in international cinema and on the Internet.

Using a custom designed, motorized mechanism, the 35 millimeter film installation runs over three floors of the exhibition space culminating in a single, miniature projection.

Accompanying the film installation, Radha May created a publication of the official deliberations authorizing the censorship of femininity and expressions of sexuality from films viewed in the post World War II era in Italy.

When The Towel Drops Vol 1 | Italy contemplates questions of hidden histories and hidden narratives and the fears that underpin gestures of concealment and censorship. In addition, the project not only asks us to consider how far removed our contemporary ideas of female sexuality are from those of 60 years ago, but also what it means to circulate into public domain and memory that which was once hidden. Are we richer somehow with the new knowledge? Does it even matter?

2015 | Labor of Love 

Varet Street, Brooklyn, NY

When the Towel Drops, Vol 1, WikiStorm and YouTube Screening

2016 | Fabrica Del Vapore, Milan, Italy

When the Towel Drops, Vol 1, Screening and Performance.

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