Flocking Birds on Swale at Governor's Island, part of the Ecohack 2016 programming series by Biome Arts.


Flocking Birds | 2016

Swale, Governors Island, NYC 

Flocking Birds is an ongoing movement and art project on human migration and existence started by Hyojin Yoo and myself.

The project's goals are to question the limits of human migration and our separation from the natural world by bringing immigrant communities together to make visible the bureaucratic, share the personal, reveal political histories and revisit our relationship to the earth.

We do this by hosting immigration/migration parties that occur in private or public spaces through a word of mouth network nurtured by us and the people we are meeting along the way.

Collaborators thus far include international artists, political asylees, undocumented citizens, and other interested academics, lawyers and researchers. 

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